Roommate's Panties Before Work

I have a new roommate. I've never had a female roommate before. Not quiet sure how I like it yet.

I wonder if she's snooped around my room yet and found my wardrobe of women's clothes. Because I've snooped in her room. I'm surprised when girls have so few pairs of underwear. But she does have some nice ones.

This morning after she left for work, I noticed her laundry basket was full. So I went in her room, dropped my robe and picked through her dirty clothes.

There was a nice pair of green bikini panties on top. I have the same brand but in blue. I pulled them on and got hard instantly. I kept those on and dug further in the basket. I found a nude thong. I changed into those. A spot of precum soaked through the fabric.

I found a third pair that I saw in her drawer but I haven't wore yet. It was a zebra print thong. I put those on and jerked off in the middle of her room. I caught my *** in my hand and licked it up. I them ******** the panties and put them back in the basket how I found them.

Then it was time for me to get ready for work. A nice way to start Monday.
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

I used to go through my female roommate's underwear too. I found lots of panties that I liked.

Once I took a pair of her thong panties to the garage and jerked off in them.

I soooo can relate to you on this hunni