Haven't All Winter

I haven't stolen any underwear all winter. I had a few opportunities at holiday parties, but it didn't feel quite right so I didn't.

I wonder if I'm done stealing or just taking a break. Did you steal an panties over the winter?
Kiki31 Kiki31
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I looked at your profile.
Wearing panties is not a vice but a virtue.
Wear them in good health.
Instead of steeling lingerie, why not just buy them
in thrift stores. They are inexpensive and you will
still get the same thrill of knowing that a female had
these frillies intimately close to her body.
It works for me!

There is a rush stealing. And knowing the girl personally that was the previous owner of the panties is sooooo hooooot!

It's more exciting to stole them, this feeling when your heart pound, when you're shacking, and this little feeling when you find what you're searching for...