Borrowed But Never Stolen

Growing up as a young boy with an uncontrolable desire to wear lingerie. How else would you get it if you didn't borrow or steal?  I started out with my younger sisters pettycoats and nighties until I out grew her,  and her pretty things didn't fit me anymore. I then had to take the risk of borrowing my mothers nightgowns and panties.

My grandmother moved in with us and I would find myself getting very excited watching her walk around in her vintage full slips. I had a burrning desire to feel what it was like to wear one. I couldn't resist checking out her slip drawer. The drawer was filled to the top with beautiful slips. I have no idea how many were in there. My problem was, she was so extremely neat, all folded to perfection. If I was to borrow one there would be no chance of me being able to refold to her perfection. I could only look but not touch.

She moved out and got her own apartment. In a few years she passed away. I had just gotten my drives license and I knew where my mother keeped the key to her apartment. The thought of going over there and helping myself to as many of those slips as I wanted,  that I so longed to experience wearing was enough to make me cream in my pants.

Unfortunatly! I wasn't able to bring myself to do it. I loved my grandma and I believe in life after death and the thought of her looking down on me taking her slips stopped me.

I had to wait several more years before I was blessed with a slip just like her's that majically appeared for my taking and enjoyment. That is another story I have written about in another experience. Very spooky if you think about it!  If you like this story the other one is a must read.
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Had a friend who's mother would walk around the house in her slip,bra,panties, and nylons. You could tell what she was wearing because she would stand where the sunlight come thru the window. I felt like asking her if I could wear the same since I have been a cd since. 13/14. I was 15 at this time I will always remember her .