I Got My First Pair Of Panty's For 2013..

happy new year!

It's a brand new year and things are looking great with my mother inlaw. she was in a extra good mood today I could tell by the way she spoke to me. when ever she gets like this I know I should go over to her house and look in her laundry bag for some worn panty's. when I got there I checked the laundry bag hanging behind the door and found 2 panty's on top of the rest of clothes. having to hurry not to get caught I put both panty's in my pocket and walk out of the laundry room. I find my mother inlaw sitting in the back of the house on her computer. we start talking and I hang out with her for about 45 mins. before I leave I go to the bathroom and examine her panty's. they both have been worn and smell of her vagina. I stay and sniff them for a minute. i now have 2 more of vicky's panty's to add to my collection. so now I am even more convinced that she knows I have been sniffing her panty's. a few weeks before this. she went on a 3 day trip. she had 3 panty's in the bag. I only took 1 so it wouldn't be obivious. I think she wanted me to take all 3. thats why today I made sure to take both. until the next time......

january 21, 2013.

luvickysmell luvickysmell
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I love your stories. Would you like to trade mother in law pics. I have been begging for you to add me as a friend.. PLEASE ADD :)