Raiding Kerry's Dirty Laundry Hamper Was Such a Rush

Nothing quite like the thrill of opening a woman's dirty clothes hamper and finding some nice worn scented treasures!  A memorable time I "repossessed" some panties was when I was living in an apt on the 2nd floor.  There was a hot 18 yr old - Kerry - and her boyfriend who lived downstairs.  One day, when they were out, I went down the stairs in the back hallway, and being very daring and a bit crazy, I opened their inside back door.  I went into the bathroom, checked the dirty clothes hamper, and hit the jackpot!  It was FULL of worn panties, mostly satin, a slip or two, and a few teddies.  My heart was pounding as I grabbed them all, went out the door, and back upstairs.

They were soft, satiny smooth, and smelled SO GOOD!  There was one panty in particular that lasted so long, I even took it to work a few times for bathroom trips.  All I had to do was imagine that gorgeous blonde babe with the athletic build, small chest, but nice firm buns in those tight faded jeans.....with holes!

A day or two later, she must've discovered what happened, because I heard her screaming something very loud -- probably "SOMEONE STOLE MY UNDERWEAR!"  A few weeks later, we had invited them upstairs to see my 65 gal aquarium.  I remember standing there next to her thinking "I have your underwear."  She and her boyfriend moved away a year later, but I still have her underwear to this day.

(There are photos of her panties in one of my albums.)

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

nothing beats that first rush of anxiety when you KNOW you have found something good, great story

very bold to take all of it but nice work!!

lol "that someone is right next to you"