I Shared A Woman's Underwear But She Didn't Know It

Used to have a female roommate about 10 years ago.  Her bedroom was upstairs and she used to put her dirty laundry in a large knapsack hanging on the outside of her bedroom door.  After she left for work, I'd go up and grab the sack of goodies, pull out all the bras and panties, wear some, sniff one, and *** in one.  

I used to get off on wearing her panties, then I'd wash them and put them back in her sack. Then I'd find them in the sack a week later after she wore them again.  You could even see the small stain above the cotton crotch that my penis left when I wore them. After doing this for many weeks, eventually I'd end up keeping more and more of them. 

Just last year, while over her house while she was out, I found LOTS of panties in a box in her bedroom.  I now have 60 PAIRS of her panties!  Not only panties, but I also have several nylons, some socks, a t-shirt, and jeans, which all fit me PERFECTLY.  

The biggest thrill is when I put all of them on when she comes to visit (moved out years ago) and I sit next to her, as I say to myself "I'm wearing all your clothes."

Before she moved out, I gathered up several pairs of Victorias Secret cotton briefs (her favorite) that I hardly wear, and left them in her room, in her bags of clothes.  I think she knew I left them for her, because one day when she was over, she dropped her pants a little, as if adjusting her belt, to reveal the waistband of a pair of VS panties I "gave" her.  Here's the kicker - she once told my brother-in-law she gives great blow jobs.  Hmmmmm.....

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Very sexy story.

Arrgh! It must've been me blasted parrot! He's always flyin' off with undies left on clotheslines!

I think this is where all my panties have vanished to - Pantypirate is in mt immediate vicinity. LOL

YIKES! Talk about an awkward moment! At least she didn't get really pissed off at you. Did she still leave her panties in her room after finding out you sniffed them? Maybe you should've said "I couldn't help it because you're so hot!"<br />
<br />
I've been in situations where women I"ve stolen undies from suspected me, but they never said anything. I usually try to make up for it by giving them gifts. Why don't you try getting your roommate a gift or something? Might make her more receptive to letting you sniff her undies.

i would always sneak in my old roomtes bedroom after she left 4work and jerkoff with her girlie scented lotion whiltst i sniffed and licked the dirty thongs, panties or pantyhose she had been wearing the day b4 then come right into the crotch orr into a her panty drawer hehe, then i got sloppy and started taking them in my room returnig them whenever, SO one day afew of her hottie friends wrre over and she said i WASHED your sheets 4y 2day..& said ok thanks then she said O YEA..what was my dirty THONG in your pillowcase for?!! and pulled a red thong out of her pocket••• WoW, i felt my face getting redd as her friends jaws dropped and i mumbled "uh those, were uh where i no way i dunno uhh" and she giggled "right next to your KY jelly you little pervert"! and they laughed out loud and exclaimed EWWW your a panty sniffer haa! after that i was more carefull since i was a now a known panty sniffer, my roomate would say "now dont u b sniffing my panties" when she left or if friends came over, it w<br />
was embarrassing!