April's Sexy Bra & Panties

April was a good friend of mine, but we never became sexually involved.  That didn't stop me from wanting her panties, though!

I would visit her often, helping her out after an auto accident left her with a broken leg.  Sometimes I would arrive and she would be out.  No problem, since she told me where the spare key was.  One particular afternoon, I decided to do some panty hunting - preferably worn.  No luck there, but I did find a pink bra, pink stretch panties, and a blue satin slip in the dryer!

Over the course of time that I spent with April, I managed to find 5 more panties - 1 cotton Hanes Her Way, 3 assorted satin, & 1 black Victoria's Secret satin brief.

I came so close to finding the "Mother Lode" that it's not funny!  While I was helping her pack - (moving out of state) - she found 3 SUITCASES FULL OF PANTIES that she had totally forgotten about.  "FORGOTTEN???  AAAGH!"  What a field day I could've had with all those!  C'est la vie, I suppose.  The ones that got away.

I posted pics of April's panties in my album "PIRATE'S PILFERED PANTIES".

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Liked your story. Thanks. Love it when we get lucky...It's a ton of fun. Monty hanznmypanz@ yahoo.

Sorry you didn't get an opportunity on the "mother load". Would have made for some great photo shots for us ... and probably some good *** shots for you ;-)

What a collection? And what do you do with them?