My Girlfriend's Cute Horny Sister's Panties

There's nothing like the feeling of women's lingerie, but have you ever had the FULL experience of wearing a woman's undies, getting in HER BED, and ******* in her panties, while COVERED in her undies?  I have, and what a thrill it was!

During the many years I dated my ex-girlfriend, I used to sneak downstairs to her sister Amy's apt on the 1st floor after she left for work.  On my first visit, the goal was to locate the dirty laundry hamper.  After some searching, I found a large laundry basket full of panties in a small closet in one of the side rooms. 

At first, I would go into the closet, shut the door and turn on the little light. Since I only had to walk down the hall stairs, I wore a bathrobe naked,.  So I'd step into her little closet and grab a few panties for rubbing myself and ******* in.  Sniffing them was a waste of time, since Amy had no scent at all.  Don't know why - maybe she cleaned herself too well.

After a few weeks of closet fun, I decided to be a little more daring.  So I went into her bedroom, pulled out some slips, nighties, & other things & threw them on the bed, along with worn panties from the closet  I would put on her bra, which was very tight on me, her panties, and maybe a nightie, get in her bed, under the covers, and then rub myself with what was left, keeping a pair of panties to *** in.  Sometimes I'd open the panty drawer of her dresser and rub a few drops of *** on her unworn panties.  Just the thought of her putting them on and my *** touching her cute little ***** got me so turned on.

I ended up keeping several items of lingerie, as well as lots of her panties, since I figured she wouldn't suspect me, not knowing I had a spare key to her apt.

Another time, on a trip to their family's cottage in Maine, I found a stash of Amy's undies from when she was a young teen - possibly pre-teen too!  They weren't worn, but I still kept them.  Very nice, little soft satin panties in shades of blue, pink, & white - not to mention a short satin nightie.

 One summer day at my girlfriend's house, (while she was still at work) I was on the 2nd floor front porch, laying on a mat, wearing Amy's undies.  She was on her porch below me - I could hear her talking - which got me excited, so I cummed in her panties while she was only a few feet below me! 

During a weekend when my girlfriend and I were staying at the cottage in Maine, Amy & her boyfriend decided to use our bed for sex.  Can't say I blame them - it was the best room in the house.....and the bed that I slept in!  (My girlfriend would sleep in another room after we made love because she was up early in the morning and I was a night owl.)

A few years later, Amy & her boyfriend moved next door.  One night, while I was in the dining room of my girlfriend's apt, I could see Amy through her bedroom window go down on her boyfriend and start sucking his ****!  Before I could get my camera, she turned off the lights.  Oh well, at least I got her undies!  (For photos, see my album "PIRATE'S PILFERED PANTIES".

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Thats so hot,i would love to see photos of her pantys,what a turn on

I've been close, like the time I stole a pair of panties from a woman's bedroom and the next day I was wearing her panties while I was with her in her home. We were standing face to face talking and all I could think of was "I've got your panties on and know what kind of panties you wear". <br />
BTW, she wears nylon hip-hugger panties and the pair I stole were beige color.

same happened to me, did the same with the panty's been covered and all, friend was at work but he hid a spare out side his place, his foster mom was out and petty much same thing happened