The Early Days - Part 1

Not sure when I began looting lingerie - probably when I was a teenager - but here are some of the earlier, more memorable times.

Laura's Panties

This happened while I was dating a woman who I later broke up with because of her alcohol problem.  On the weekends, I would spend the night with her.  We had some great sex at the time, lots of ******* & sucking.  I remember a particular night we were having 69, and during the middle of it, she stopped and began french kissing me.  Said she wanted to taste both our juices together.

Because she drank rum & coke all day and night, after we had a rousing session of sex, she'd pass out, oblivious to all.  Shortly afterwards, I was feeling horny again, so I ****** her while she slept.  Don't know why, but it was such a thrill!

On the second night, she passed out again after sex.  Later on, I ****** her again, only this time I fell asleep while still inside her.  A few hours later, I woke up, pulled out, and went back to sleep.

The third night, she passed out BEFORE we could have sex, but that didn't stop me.  What a thrill again!  When I finished, I went into her bathroom and found two pairs of panties on the floor.  One of them looked like she peed in them (and smelled like it too) and the other smelled like her *****, with a little period stain. 

The scent of both those panties got me rock hard again, so I jacked off in one, while sniffing the other.  It was so intense!

Next morning, she noticed my *** dripping out of her ***** and I was BAGGED.  Of course I only admitted to that one, and added "It sounded like you were awake because you were moaning".  She never found out about the previous two nights.  Plus, I got some choice treasures from her bathroom floor!

Stay tuned for more stories later!

PantyPirate PantyPirate
41-45, M
Mar 18, 2009