Ahhhh. Milf Panties

It all started when u was 15 and I seen my freinds smoking hot mom, she was driving me home with her me and my freinds little brother was in the back seat sleeping , so she stopes at a red light and leaned over the counsle to check on the kid when I relized she had no bra on and I seen her **** perfectly... God I was hard! Then she went to go lean forward and I think she seen me and she touched my head of my **** cuz she used my leg to push her self up and I'm sure she felt it... So then me and my freind walked home to his house and his parents weren't home! So he went to the bathroom and I snuck itno his parents room and looked in the fleet and there they were the milfs sexy panties!! I sniffed them they smelt like sweaty *****! So I tucked them in my pockect and used the bathroom after him and I wore them after snifing them! Then I put those back and stole some with a blood stain in th and oooooo heaven at last!those things kept me going for days and then I cam all over them and returned to my freinds only too replace the *** filled panties back in the dirty clothes pile! Then the next time I was over his mom showed up b4 I left and she asked if I wanted a ride home and I said no cuz I had called my mom already and she said call her back cuz it's the least I could do , so I said ok so I called my mom and said she would drop me off, omg my **** was bulging outta my gym shorts! I knew she saw cuz she looked at it and the reached I've to the glove box and looked right at it and rubbed it with her arm , I wasent no accident either I made the most obvious I- face and she knew I wanted to **** her. But then nothing else happened I stole some more paties and kept them.... I shoould had made a move that day.... But I was immanture then ...O well
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2 Responses Jun 7, 2009

Pity you did not know then what you know now!!!

hehe, what an experience for a 15 year old :)