The Mother Load...

So I have a very pretty Indian friend.  She has a nice body and a very cute personality.  

One day, I was over at her place just passing some time before we went to dinner and she jumped into the shower.  From the living room, I sneak into her bedroom and pretend I'm on the computer.  When I hear the shower curtains close, it's game on!

I look through her drawers and nothing really but socks, journal, headbands, etc.  I go into her standing dresser, I hit it.  4 drawers full of panties, nylons and... A VIBRATOR!  I thought I was dreaming.  I of course pocket a black thong (so she won't necessarily miss it.  I take a pair of her nude pantyhose which were neatly rolled up.  I rearrange it so it doesn't look like anything's missing.  

Now, I open the little black pouch to see a small vibrator.  I wish I had enough time to take a picture because I can't really recall what it exactly looked like, but I do remember smelling it.  God.  I was in heaven.  I BELIEVE it was used recently as it was placed sortof high with the panties (not buried deep) and it was still musky.  I didn't lick it nor did I even think of it.  But the smell, I'll never forget.

I think one of the reasons why I can't kick this habit is because you just NEVER know what you'll find.  Unfortunately, this didn't help my dirty habit.

On to the next one ;P

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I found a vibrator in my friend's wife's nightstand when I was house sitting. That was awesome in itself not to mention the free access of her lingerie for a week! I licked her vibrator clean! The smell was amazing! I spent endless hours in her dirty hamper, smelling her dirty panties. I was in heaven. The only time I was almost caught was at my sister in laws house. Everyone was there and I went upstairs to use the bathroom. Their bedroom door was open so I snuck in. I opened her panty drawer and was amazed at the stuff she had. My heart was pounding so hard! I heard someone coming up the stairs so I picked up the cat that was laying on the bed and acted like I was interested in the cat! Smart move!

pretty cool wish i was as lucky