Oh Soooooooo Close!


I live in a building with a lady that is absolutely gorgeous.  Middle Eastern descent, perfect body and model-like face.  We recently started chatting and we discovered that we have a lot in common.  Due to recent weather, we've started spending some time together, in doors.  To be totally honest.  If I EVER scored anything from her (panties/bra/stockings), it'd be my most ultimate panty accomplishment!

One evening, our schedules sort of worked out well where I went over to her place and ate lunch.  To my surprise, she stepped into the shower while I was in her living room.  I was thinking to myself... this is TOOOOO good to be true.  I'm alone, in her place, with her showering.  Because it's a small place, I can hear exactly when she's actually IN the shower, or when the water is simply running.  So as soon as I hear her IN the shower, I jump into her bedroom and take a glance around.

I COULDN'T turn on the bedroom light because it's linked to a ceiling fan.  I didn't want to risk her jumping out of the shower and her noticing the fan moving.  It was dark in there and my heart was racing so hard that I could feel it in my chest.  I opened up the first drawer and bam, bras...

It must've been the MOST organized underwear drawer I've ever seen.  Because it was so dark, I couldn't make out exactly what else was in there.  This next part might sound stupid, but I thought being able to be in her bedroom just in itself was too good to be true.  Plus, the darkness really hindered what I could see.  Therefore.... I DIDN'T take anything

The next day, I was back over at her place so I know that she never suspected anything.  I'm optimistic that I'll have another chance and I look forward to it.  At least... I hope! 

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Why can't you date this woman? She sounds amazing!

Or maybe you don't want to date her, either way, awesome story. I know that heart pounding feeling when you finally open up your dream woman's drawer and you just get to take it all in.

you will get another chance update us when you do! GG