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 Hello everyone its been a while but I got a more recent one for you all, so lets say I work at this little shop, with only around 10-11 co-workers, most old or big, not too fun for my personal hobby, but some time in the late summer, early fall we got a female worker my age and very cute, since she was new and very relaxed (was only a transfer) I tried to be one of the first to talk to her. I got to know her and honestly her personality sucked, she was a polar opposite of me we got along but not too well. As the time went on a another co-worker started to become good friends with her, and that coworker as good friends with me, so when it came to all of us closing the shop we’d go out and had a little fun over at the new girls place.


Her place was VERY small, a basement suite with only 2 rooms, she just lost her room mate so one room was empty and had no reason other then being a living room/kitchen. Now so all her **** was in her room and I had a pretty steep task in finding her loot (my first thought) with my 2 co-workers around but I was able to peek around here and there but unable to find anything. After maybe 7 visits I was starting to contemplate she didn’t have any, there was no sign she had even one (this is embarrassing and stupid but I would watch her bend from time to time to see if there were lines but there were none -_-“), I was able to find bra’s but I’m a panty sort of guy (exclusive too it). At one point there was a time when I truly believed she didn’t wear them but then one day she bought this thing from ikea that she started to put all her underwear in and I regained hope. The first time I saw it I only saw bra’s in it but one day I was over alone, she just got out of the shower and wasn’t done drying off so she went to the bathroom to clean up, I took my chance and on the top shelf there they were the once thought extinct panties of my new co-worker.

From then on I’d put motivation behind our talks, bring up things she liked, listened to her ***** about customers all just to go over, talk, hang out, game and LOOT (my way of saying steal, w/o it sounding as bad). One day she was out visiting some people on the island and was gone for a few days this happened before and occurred regularly, I knew it was bound to happen again so was practicing some lock picking skills so I could break in with out the breaking part. So when she was gone I got my straightened bobby pin, metal pen clip thing and some gloves. She lived close and it took 45 minutes but I was in, her room was my castle now her panties my subjects. I looked through everything, boxes, hampers, piles of cloths and the drawers she actually had allot but it was just in places I didn’t have the right chance or time to look in.


I took my time: called someone, watched tv, looked through her games and thought about which ones to take all the while scared shitless with the realization that although I didn’t break anything this is still breaking and entering. Yet I was also proud I could do this and doubted I’d get another chance too so I enjoyed what I had, took it all in, and tried to remember how everything looked. At the end of it all, I took 2, got some Windex wiped everything I had touched down, put everything I had moved back, fixed the bed sheets and left not a mark on the door knob, there was no trace I was there except for 2 missing panties which could be chocked up to one of her landlords 3 sons. I was absolutely clear; I knew when she’d be back, and even when she’d be leaving again, but things wouldn’t go too well, she had a habit of being late. A month or 2 later she’d be fired for tardiness and failure to show up for opening the store, sadly I lose the only worth while person in my shop to loot from and for now it looks like we are only hiring guys. But such is the story of my “new skill”.

scans are up and please msg any mistakes

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Recently I had a failed attempt ran off because the upstairs owner released their dog into the back yard lucky I out ran it but it was crazy scary. It takes me too long to pick them still especially using a bobby pin and a weak metal clip, I'm just going to drop it I guess unless I can get a pro kit but if I were you I'd stay out of it too unless you get a pro kit, youtube may say the pin and clip are good but not for too long they can still bend if you really want to do it wait until they are gone for a long time like a vacation. Yet I'm already planning the next one but it does not have a pick involved.

This is interesting! My last post referred to someone that lived in my building. I was contemplating on learning lock-picking (I even bought a lock-pick set) because I would've NEVER guessed that I'd be in her place, while she was in the shower).<br />
<br />
I applaud you for learning!