He Got Away With It

I was doing my regular shower routine at my parents house but I forgot my wash cloth in my room. The shower water was running and opened the door which is right across from my room. So I peeked out the door and my brothers friend (32) sniffed and stuffed my used underwear in his pocket. I didn't stop him because I was kind of embarrassed so he got away with it BUT those were my favorite pair and we all know Victorias Secret don't sell repeat underwear ugh!!
rainbow1691 rainbow1691
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4 Responses May 24, 2012

You should have asked if he wanted a pair you don't wear as much you might have made his day

Atleast he didn't steal all your panties

I used to do it all the time too- sister's, friends, gf's sisters, cousin's. Just about anywhere where I had access to them

ha,ha,ha men always like it and i use to do that when i was young too and when we grow up we have different life but still were the best of friend and she was still yummy on my eyes.LOL