Teachers Panty Drawer

i had an absolutely sexy and stunning social studies teacher in high school. she was 29 years old, had long brown hair and a killer physique.                              
Well,the tight and usually white skirts she would wear in class did nothing to hide her tight white high cut briefs she liked to wear, i knew i had to have a pair for my dirty night time deeds! after following her home after school to get her address i began to formulate my plan, which in hindsight was quiet a serious crime, but did not seem so at the time. i took the following day off school and made my way to her home and waited a while to make sure the coast was clear, i then climbed the back fence with large screw driver in hand (to force a window or door open)...but to my amazement and sheer delight i found that she had kindly left a side door slightly ajar...for me. in i went and without pause found her bedroom, and her top drawer which i immediately opened. my jaw dropped and my penis began to throb with excitement. full of panties, briefs, g-strings and bras. i rifled through her intimates until i found what i had come for... i selected a plain but sexy white stretchy thong, a red push up microfibre material bra (36c), and two pairs of those lovely panties i had so often seen in class hugging her shapely arse and thighs. careful to leave the place as i had found it i made my exit, leaving as i had arrived. over the following two days i had managed to paint each of my teachers lovelies (my souvenirs) with copious squirts of my hot siemen until the white panties turned a dirty yellow colour. i never got caught luckily for me. that was 17 years ago now though i still have all pieces of her lingerie to this day and her panties still tease a massive *** shot from my balls! thanks Ms xxxx
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I once went to my friends house and his sisters bedroom door was open so me and my friends were playing hide n seek with about 10 to 20 kids around the block we were able to go anywhere on the block and so my friends parents were not home at that time so I hid in his sisters room going threw drawers to try to find her panties finally I found a big drawer full of braws and panties I stole two panties I put them between my legs so they would stay and finally got away with stealing two nice pairs of panties from my friends hot 21 year old sister

Great read. I had similar experience

I often fantasized about some of my high school female teachers. They wore short dresses and all the boys wanted so badly to see her panties.

That's awesome. When I was in 7th grade I stole my english teachers used panties out of her gym bag. She was also the girls volleyball coach. They were still damp. And smelt like heaven when I went in the bathroom stall and jerked out a load. I brought them with me everyday. Immediately after her class I would jerk off in the bathroom as I thought of her sexy *** and sweet smelling *****

How did u get a hold of her gym bag

can u post a pic of them?

hi cut briefs are my fav

My **** is throbbing I wanna do that I have my sisters Victoria secret pantiesi on right now I blew a load in them four times now