My Friends Panties

My friend, who is a girl went on vacation for two weeks, and while she was gone I would take her panties from her house, take them home, wear them around for a while, and jerk off in the crotch of them.

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15 Responses Sep 19, 2008

I started taking my little sisters panties 7 years ago. I now have about 50 pairs hidden in my room any know how to get rid of them.

i'd like to sniff my best friend wife panties. His wife is chinese she's so cute n hot..and the smell is so good...hmmmmm

I have over 30 pairs of stolen panties from about 4-5 different people, mostly from these two sisters I have a lot of their panties, I love the thought that when they go to get dressed they don't know where their panties are going, they just keep getting less and less and I keep getting more and more. My favorite ones are the ones I steal within hours of them changing out of a dirty pair.

I'm 46. Have stole. 4 different neighbors panties. A teachers. A sexy friends. My cousins. 17 pair from random women and there daughters when I did construction. Several from friends of my sister. I have 2 teen daughters. I haven't stole there's but have stole at least 10 pair of there friends. God they smell delicious!!! I have a pair sniffing as I type.

I have done this many times, once i was house sitting for my sisters friend. I was going into her room to sleep as she had no guest room as i walked in i saw her hamper full of dirty washing i saw a pair of her panties, i put them on and jerk of on her bed i left the wet panties and the wet bed and slept on the couch, i think she must have relised but she hasn't said anything.

I house sat for a coworker for a week while she was in NYC. While looking for a lightbulb in the basement I saw her hamper of dirty clothes. I pulled out a black lacy pair of panties and sniffed it, then jerked off on her toilet sniffing them. I didn't bother cleaning up the *** from her bathroom floor, she's got cats so the floors are sorta dirty anyways. I spoke with her last week, she said she needs me to housesit her cats again soon. Looking forward to it....

Absolutely love it, I've only had the opportunity once to house-sit for a friend, he had a gorgeous sister, they were from Pakistan, she was a babe. I literally spent the evenings after work at his place "looking after" their flat. I must of tried on every pair of tights she had, high heels, panties...the lot. She even had a ***** which I tried out of course, til this day it gives me a major *****.

I could use some help im new to panty stealing but i enjoy it as much as any of you but i was wondering if you could tell me the best way to steal panties especially from a store or a good friends house thanks very much

Don't steal from a store. They have way to many cameras. Try your local Goodwill store might be a better place.

Head for the bathroom and look for the hamper. Sneak downstairs and find the washer and look for a dirty laundry basket. Or just find her panty drawer and carefully take the one on the bottom in the back

I could use some help im new to panty stealing but i enjoy it as much as any of you but i was wondering if you could tell me the best way to steal panties especially from a store or a good friends house thanks very much

I read this story in,I think, Cosmo. Don't wear any underwear this day. This was in a department store. Go go the men's area and pick up a couple of shirts for trying on. Then, ease through the intimates- in no particular hurry. Pick out a few items that you are excited by. Immediately tuck them under the shirts. Stroll back to the mens' area. After a couple of minutes go to the mens' dressing room. Try them on. if they are to your liking, and you have not received your lottery payment that month, put them on. Using your fingernail clippers quietly remove all tags. Buy something small. Leave. I read this.

I take my firends sister panties or the time got a collection of them from differnt female friends :) i like to sniff them also

im jerkig into panties right now. i love it. i steal them from a girl down the street

i have herked off in loads of different panties. mother in laws, aunties, friends, any1s who i can. love it.

... A veritable treasure trove of booty ... arrrrrgh! :-)

Yes, I've done the same thing so many, many times that I don't know where to start. Most recently, though, while pet-sitting for my friend & his very hot wife, I went into her walk-in closet. Two drawers were filled with bras & panties, mostly Victoria's Secret. So I tried on every pair of panties, took pictures of myself in them, then cummed in the crotch of one. Other times, I'll get naked, climb into the guest bed, and cover myself with all her undies. That's when it's good to take pictures of the undies drawers so you can put everything back the way it was when you're done. Usually I put everything back, but there was a few times when I kept some worn ones - they smelled SO GOOD I couldn't resist!

I enjoyed my ex wifes panties whenever she wasnt home.I had a few friends that knew that she would often leave them lying around and I felt if she was that stupid then I would leave them their for others to find.I had a few friends that would come over just for that reason.It turned me on that they would find any way to get their hands on them.One friend even left a pair of his gfs lyeing around to be found by me when i had a visit.Thats when I knew he was thanking me for letting him jo to my girls.I stole his gfs since he liked it anyway and nothing was ever said.