I Love It

i can't get enough of stealing stuff from places. just small things like food and small accesories. it gives me such a rush when im leaving the store to see whether or not im going to be caught. its filling up my life now along with alcohol and ciggarettes

whiskey111 whiskey111
2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

stealing is so fun and awesome, just make sure there is no finger prints , hair folics, or witnesses, other peeps get you caught more than anything, oh and the shoes you have on get changed , and you make use of a drop spot. I hate it when people ***** at me for stealing and doing drugs and alcohole. It's great I think more people should steal anarchy FTW. The only reason this is so long is cause I'm speeding, soooooooo geek, LOL

The laws of chance demand that you will be nabbed sooner or later. I know I used to do steal a lot.<br />
Being buzzed all the time aint good for you, I done did that sh*t too.