Hamper Thief

I find it fun to raid the clothes hamper for used undies and or bras. i always wonder what happens when she can't find her things. When I visit them the next time I wear her panties.
tattyme tattyme
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9 Responses Feb 24, 2011

ya i do the same as well its a helluva rush with them not knowing

i have taken my mil's and sil's bras and panties. i'll wear a pair of panty belonging to one of them when i go out with them or visit them.

I took a blue full slip out of a clothes basket with dirty laundry. I saw blue lace through one of the many holes and I just couldn't resist.

I love to wear their panties when i next see them. Keeps me hard all the time im talking to them.

i use to steal panties form clothesline after beng wash

How did you explain it ?

That is really naughty.... I would love to do something like that..... I have had friends who gave me their dirty underwear for me to play lol.... I love to know more about your plan to steal theirs...

thats hot,wearing them back to their house

mmm love to see u in ur panties