I Stole My Friends Moms Panties

I love his mom she is so sexy and about 50 but still fit. When he was playing on his laptop in his basement i said i had to use the restroom and ran up the stairs then ran up stairs to her bedroom and started peeping in the draws then i found it the draw with the panties in it i started stuffing them into my pants i took home one swim suit one cotton pair with flowers on it another plain white cotton pair and a sexy lace pair that i'm wearing right now then i found her vibrators i took them out and saw dried up *** on them so i suck on it it was amassing so i kept it him and i trade our moms panties and bras now.

i also have stolen my other friends sisters and moms panties i've stolen at least 20 pairs and a corset from the mom i got caught once buy his sister i was up in her room snifing a panty with one in my pants already then she walk into the room and laughed at me btw she is 17 i'm 13 she then took of her fresh panties and throu them at me and said knock your self out i frozze and didnt move so she came over stuck them in my hand helped me up and walked me to the door then slaped my *** and kiss me goodbye booya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hot add me

do you have photos to this colothers ?

so hot add me please

Great story! thanks for sharing :)

thinking about doing this next time i got to my friends house, his mom is about 50 also but hot as ****. im gonna try to get a dirty pair