I Used To Steal Girls Underware All The Time....

I used to steal girls underware all the time.... I'm sure someone knew, but nothing was ever said. That used to make me a little mad. I always wanted to be caught red handed.
Once I had taken a pair of really sexy black panties from a friends sister. I didn't think anyone knew, and still don't, but you be the judge....
I wore panties and bras to school all the time as well.
One day I was over at my friends where I stole the black panties and he and a girl from down the street were talking around the kitchen table. All of the sudden the girl asks me if I would like to be a transvestite model?
I probably turned redder than a fire engine! but unfortunately said no.
I think if my friend (male) had not been there, my answer would have been different.
Beverly1961 Beverly1961
1 Response Jan 26, 2013

I think we have all thought about it , but I would get so upset if some one borrowed my slips or knickers and bra , I do love your story and you should write some more .