Wifes sister visits sometimes. She always leaves her dirty laundry next to the nightstand and closet door. She waits until she has a full load until she washes them so I've been lucky enough to smell, taste and fantasize with her socks and panties. One time I thought I was alone in the house and of course I couldn't help but see what was lying around. I was smelling a pair of panties and rubbing another on my crotch when I heard someone waking up the stairs. Only place to hide was the closet. I broke out in a cold sweat.

The louvers face down so I could see outside. She had just come back from a run and was literally a foot away from me. I was holding my breathe and trying not to move. I watched her perfect European 5'5 120lb frame glistening with sweat as she took her shirt then shorts off. Her back was to me as she took her sports bra off and then bent over to slide her panties off. I was excited from being stuck in the closet but also from being inches away from my sister in law naked bending over. I got a glimpse of her butt started ******* off furiously. I came in seconds all over the closet door as she left to shower. As soon as I heard the water running I exited the closet, grabbed her most recent panties, room a whiff and booked it downstairs ninja style. These are that pair, something I will never forget.
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add me sweetie

dont we all steal underwear and bras ???? i love it