I Stel Girls' Underwear and Bras

I remeber when I work for the school I atended I had job to doI was had a calk gun anf told to seal up some the the girls notice in the wall It hsad to be done ins ide out after was done on the outside I checked to see if any girls were there and there was not so stated fiddling with the locks and i unlock 20 lockers and to took girls bras and underwear.  I drove to school with my truck and I hide the items in the tool box on my truck.  Then I one of those trunks and I took to my truck and put the ligerie in it and tok in the house the said that tok their lingerie the next I took their socks and slips and ws cuaght that time either but after that I din't want press my luck.  so I stopped.

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1 Response Sep 22, 2009

I have stolen many pairs of panties and several bras. I know it's wrong and unfair to the girls so I don't do it anymore. The first time was when I was 15 and my GF had a sister that was a few years older. The best are panties that haven't been washed and still smell of *****.