I Stel Girls' Underwear and Bras

I remeber when I work for the school I atended I had job to doI was had a calk gun anf told to seal up some the the girls notice in the wall It hsad to be done ins ide out after was done on the outside I checked to see if any girls were there and there was not so stated fiddling with the locks and i unlock 20 lockers and to took girls bras and underwear.  I drove to school with my truck and I hide the items in the tool box on my truck.  Then I one of those trunks and I took to my truck and put the ligerie in it and tok in the house the said that tok their lingerie the next I took their socks and slips and ws cuaght that time either but after that I din't want press my luck.  so I stopped.

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hello sarah re your comment probably the story teller did have a long hard look and that is what started all this, however there is only one outcome for this behavior the jail where he might regret his female tendencies

Firstly I think you need to use spellcheck on your next post. Fetishing women's underwear isn't really that unusual articulating (an extremely complicated??) plan for stealing them well.... that's something else.<br />
<br />
I think you should probably have a long hard look at yourself.

♥ Wow! i do the same thing only im a girl and i stole more then that lol if the locker was open it was now mine but but not the point go you! now all you need to do is dress up as a girl and go in there cuz ebing in there is amazing LOL ~ love kitty ♥