Spoiled And Ungrateful Adult Step Children

Hi, first time poster, long time lurker. I have a 21 year old step daughter and a 20 year old step son. I am bio mother to my own 20 year old daughter, 18 year old son and 13 year old son. My problem is my step kids seem to be seeing me as a meal some sort of "companion" for their father and do not give me the respect I think I deserve. We, my partner and I, gave my step daughter a nice piece of jewellery for Chirstmas, my step son a new watch. My partner has been out of work for most of the year so in actuality, my wages paid for the presents. So they turn up for Christmas, hand their father a gift, take theirs and leave. What, do I our their step brothers and sister not exist? My step son, comes over and empties out the drinks cabinet, would he do that at his mothers? No, but happily drinks all ours in one night, when it usually lasts us months.
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Wow.. selfish!! It's hard with step kids, I know, I have five selfish ones! As we all know, there is a special bond between parents and their children. Telling your husband how you feel, to me is hard. It's sort of like saying, side with me and admit your kids are little bastards! I have five selfish self centered adult step-children. He admits they are selfish but never challenges it with them. It makes me sick to even have to buy them something for Christmas, because they are so thoughtless and thankless! So I feel your pain. His daughter didn't even thank me last year, and like you, I am the one that buys it all, wraps it all, thinks about what to get... all of it!! I think you just have to say to yourself, "that's the way they are" and move on. That's what I do, and yes, every so often I throw a tantrum to my girlfriend or sister, and then I go back. I do nothing extra for them... and I told my husband, that they are selfish. But I leave it at that. The daughter last year, after supporting her for a year, everything, gas, food, paying her rent, helping with schooling, we didn't even get a thank you and for Christmas not even a card! OMG!! But I say, Karma will come back one day... so don't stress out, make sure your kids are the best you can raise, and feel sorry for your husband for having such pathetic children. Be proud of your children, tell them you love them, and do as little as possible without being and looking like a ***** to your step kids. As Mom's we have to rise about it all, and I just do my thing and I'm pretty well indifferent with his children now!
Sad but true.. good luck!!

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I would put a lock on the liquor cabinet and not buy those ungrateful grown up azz holes a dang thing with my hard earned money. I would also be honest and tell them and my husband how I feel. If my husband does anything for his adult daughter it comes out of his account. Her ungrateful azz is not welcome in the house but he can see her at her house in another state. He pays for all gas and expenses from his account to get there. I support him for being a father to the bytch but I want and have nothing to do with her. I wish u luck. Sometimes being a step mom means making your own way.

I should add that we live in a nice home and I travel for work. I think the step kids are thinking their Dad has scooped here, she has plenty of money. This is not the case, I have worked hard to get a good job and most of my salary goes on the mortgage payment. we do not have a lot of money to spend.We took the step son with us and my kids away for a holiday after christmas. after paying for his entry to a theme park he subsequently posted on social media that the theme park for ****** and he couldnt wait to get out (more explicit language than that but i cleaned it up). I can not get over that ungrateful comment and it feels like a public show of disrespect.

you should have left him at the park!