Adult ******

Last Thanksgiving I had quite the adventure with my 25 yo blond big breasted step-daughter.  The rest of the family had gone out of town but I had work and Jill opted out of the family turkey-fest. We decided to hang out and watch some movies. Jill was drinking vodka and I was drinking beer but much more than usual. We were on our second movie when I noticed Jill was being a little flirty with me. She had been a real **** tease to me when she was a teenager but I never took the bait. But now she was full grown. Large DD breasts with a low cut top. Sweet round *** that she likes to tease with. And she was teasing me.

By the third movie we were both pretty hammered. The vodka must have loosened her tongue and she blerted out that she knew her mother and I hadn't slept together for a long time. I almost dropped my drink but had to admit there had not been any passion for years. She bluntly asked if I had a girlfriend to take care of my needs. I said no, I just took care of my own needs. She laughed and we kept watching the movie for a while longer.

The next time I got up for another drink I stepped wrong on my foot and groaned a little. By the time I came back in Jill was sitting on the floor by my chair. She instructed me to take my socks off and she would give me a foot rub. I gladly accepted. The foot rub became a back rub. then I felt her kissing my neck. It felt so good it didn't register who it was doing it. I reach up and ran my fingers through her hair. She leaned forward and we kissed deeply. It was more than I could take and somehow I had her jeans and panties pulled off in one smooth tug. On the floor we kissed, licked, nibbled, fingered and before long my stiff **** was inside her incredibly tight ***** thrusting hard.

after ******* once we moved to the bedroom, barely able to walk from the booze. All night we ****** like animals. As I took her from behind she yelled "Take it! Yes, Take it hard!" I rammed my stiff **** deep inside her, pounding her tight ***** until we passed out. We woke and ****** a few more times during the night. She was like a cat in heat and I hadn't had any ***** for some time.  The best part of that night was when Jill curled up in my arms. So sweet and tender. 

 As we awoke she bolted up straight in bed, a beautiful nude 25 yo her long blond hair draped over her ample breasts. "I have to get home" she said.

I was still under the effects of our night of passion. "will you come back?"


It was a little akward as we sobbered up and damn reality came back into focus. She dashed off to her apartment and I set to the task of cleaning up. The bed sheets must have had a dozen *** stains so into the wash they went. As I first stepped into the shower I could smell her scent on me and almost regretted washing her off. Jill did come back and we agreed it was nice but shouldn't happen again. Then sat down to finish watching the last movie we had started before getting "distracted".

I still catch her looking me over from time to time so I have to wonder if it really was just a one time thing...

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I am currently in a sexual relationship with my 26 year old step daughter. Her mother and I got married 4 years ago. She initiated it about 10 months ago and we have been active for the last 4 months.

tell us more.

I fantasized I was your stepdaughter in the story even though I'm caramel-complexioned with semi-coarse curly hair. By mid-tale I was quite aroused and when I finished, I grabbed a bath towel and reread it. Wow, I couldn't believe how wet your words made me and I needed a full shower! Thank you.

I enjoyed your experience. Thanks

Was it a one time thing?

I have sent a text to my stepdad confessing that I want him to **** me and that I think a lot about us having sex. I sent this nearly two hours ago, but have not had any response, so I am worried that he is freaking out!

fair game? not only is it morally wrong. but your also cheating on your wife!

@sanasuz as a guy lusting after his step daughter (see my confession), I can tell you what my step daughter could do to put me over the top. 1-be in a situation where alchol is flowing. 2- find youself alone with her for some time. 3- bring up sex in the conversation, especially while sitting close to me. I am on the very edge and all I need is a little nudge from her.

Wow! What a great, fun, hot, sexy, erotic story! Thank you for sharing it!

The "reality" that came with the morning was the guilt that is brought on namely by the vanilla world inching its way back into your own again. It was a lovely story, Sir:)

Wow, if your wife isnt giving it to you, why would you not want to get it from her of age daughter?

This is to sanasuz, If you wanted to make a move. be sure to keep an eye on him. but dress provacatively in front of him like long shirt with nothing underneath. then bend over to let him see you naked. he should respond or he would tell you to put clothing on. I know its your step-dad. if he is no longer with your mom, then you should be fine. ask him and see what he says. First cook meals that he likes. Let him be the one asking you. you will be surprised.

I want to put the moves on my step-dad but I am afraid he will say no. He is no longer with my mother. If I just went for physical moves he may freak out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to initiate sex, I don't think he knows I feel this way. He is quite traditional and I know he would worry about the moral issue etc. Should I leave it? <br />
<br />
I don't feel bad about it, as I plan on keeping it discreet and we aren't blood relatives so I don't see how we're hurting anyone.

Thank you Southsboy, I thought so too.

This is wild. I never thought this would happen. I guess you need to keep this secret and private. I would keep this to myself.

If they are not related, thet are fair game.

This sound very erotic story. Are step daughters fair game, you think? How about nieces?

It is not. She will come back for more. Feed her a few drinks and get ready.