Stepmother Punishment

My mother died when I was only in 8th class.I had no other brothers /sisters.My father was young and he could not spend his whole life alone and so he was suggeste by all family member for a another marriage.I was very diturebed listening all these suggestions but my family and papa assured me that I will get the same love and care as my mother used to give me.I feared and my sub concience did not beleive it but I had no other alternate but to accept it.Perhaps that was the worst day as it prooved later when my new mother came to our house.In the 1st few day she was a bit kind but after some time I realised the difference.I think this is the reason I enjoy women punishing men,and my sub concience is satified that I am not alone ,many other people ar also victom of women punishment.The story continued for years untill I did my gratuation got a job and left the house.The memories are still in my mind and every off and on I will share it with friends.
After 15 day of papa marriage when papa went to office my step mother came to my room.I was preparing for my exam and thus could not see her entering my room.She coughed to get attention.I looked at her and then started my study.She said in a loud voice "dont u know that when some elder comes in the room you have to kneel down and touch his feet, come and kneel down".I did it.then again she said " your room is very dirty have known showed u to clean it.Come with me and I will show u how to clean".She took me to her bed room gave me a duster and ordered to dust the bed .I said now the maid servnt will come and she will do it.She said I have told u to do and dont tell me what to do.I was a bit relectant so she pulled my ear and told me that dont compell me to be harsh.I was surprised and thus refused to do it.She again ordered to comply and when I again refused she gave a very harsh slap on my face pulled my ear forcefully, gave me the duster and again orderd for dusting.I was in a terrible pain and there was no other alternate but to obey.I dusted the room cleaned it .The whole time my ear was being pulled.Then she ordered me that go and clean your room and I will come and witness it.But if it is not properly clean then you will get punishment and that will be more severe. I rushed to my room and tied to clean it.After an hour when again I was busy in my studies she came to my room but his time she seemed to be angry.coninued...
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Yeah, where is the 2nd part? Hope she took a belt to make you obey her.

where is the 2 part

oh, it is terrible , i was afraid of my step dad , he beat me and spank , and even fingering me , he was brutal and i know your feel...