Stick In The Mud

every day is the same, no freedom, just a stick in the mud, waiting for someone or something to pull me out. its just the same routine everyday. sometimes i want to leave, but then i get scared of the word and go back in my nutshell... when will someone pull me out?
wannaelectrodance wannaelectrodance
18-21, F
6 Responses Dec 6, 2012

i dont go out much when i do it has to be with a few people i care alot about i cant handle crowds and i just dont do well in public hope you someday get over how you feel but if you ever need to talk to want someone to listen to you i am easy to contact just send me a message

Hi care to chat (:

sure x)

Add me ill message u (:

When you've travelled a lot and met lots of other interesting people you start to realise that at times like Christmas there is still no place like home.

Stands at the edge of the mudpit.... So.. when are you going too dig yourself out?

when i grow hands...

Untill that time.. use your body to twist and roll and legs too balance with then

its ok dont worry x)

tell me what can i do .. will try to help

no realy its ok ^.^