What nonsense. A woman who did little more than house the poor in nunneries, and prayed for them. I do not hate her anymore than I hate any standard member of the Roman Catholic Church, but she is not to be praised for her work. We don't worship surgeons, those individuals who actually save people's lives, so why should we worship her?

Anyone arguing a point that she may be benevolent clearly haven't heard this quote by none other than the holy saint herself, "The suffering of the poor is something very beautiful and the world is being very much helped by the nobility of this example of misery and suffering."

These words may sound perverse to a few, but in reality they may be the example of how religion views the poor. To replace medicine with god, to put in the place of doctors, a delusion based on an ancient set of texts so outdated in our society that they are hardly believable, that is the work of Mother Teresa.
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Her words and actions were genuine and kind. That's reason enough for me to love her. Beautiful soul.

I honestly don't think it matters too much, I mean I personally wouldn't worship her or anything but I think that she and surgeons have or had the same alike intentions, which is to help other people and I don't think that you should compare the two and say that one is greater than another. I also wouldn't the suffering of the poor is "beautiful" in any way but it definitely inspires us to be more grateful and take things for granted less, instead of being greedy little ******** always asking for more and more.