Ancient Tales Of Important Lessons For Life

     Almost as soon as our ancestors began to speak, the parents of small children, told magical tales to explain the rule and rhyme of life. If a child misbehaved too often, he was told that a monster would take him and eat him. Since those early beginings, many stories have been told and handed down through the generations. We are now finding that many of the old tales have strikingly similar versions in other parts of the world, even those of cultures who have had little contact with others.

     So many of the old tales have now been collected, and some even merged with others, that a whole new world of fantasy has evolved from the mix. The knight  who must overcome great obstacles, be strong, and percevere to slay the dragon and rescue the fair maiden. The great powerfull dragon who must keep many powers in check or else be swept away by those envious of his powers.  The good peaceful elves versus the evil chaotic goblins. No mater how the tales were told to you, there is no doubt that you have seen yourself as a character in each of them.

     I have always been partial to the tales of magical creatures. The beautiful unicorn, the mystical centaur, the magical dragon, the werewolf, and even the sphinx. Every one has a unique perspective on life, to show me. I imagine what it wolud be like to be one of them, and as I do, I learn more about myself. Try it out sometime, and put yourself in their places.

     For some, like me, these tales will always have a place in our hearts. We turn back to them whenever there are no friends or companions to guide us. They bring inspiration, courage, patience, and even a peaceful calm to a mind in fury. In other words, they show us the way to that "happily ever after," we all dream about.
WisperKity WisperKity
26-30, M
Jul 14, 2010