My Little Favourite Fairy Tail

Fairytales are ussualy storys morals of what can happen excuses for somewhat crazy things . Like our ancestors in the past beleived in these things and said they saw creatures like them and kids now see them is it possible . How come adults cant see them more then kids . Do they stop beleiving whent they grew up well heres the story of             The little princess

Once upon a time there lived a princess she was small for her age and many people only  cared about her sister the next in line to green witch . Her sister charlotte turned 16 and many princes came far and low on a journey to mary her . The little princess was mad she desserved it and she new she could try. Her mother told her to run the night everything went wrong the  werewolves attaked the castle she ran into the woods there a boy live happily on his own thats what he said

He was starttled to see  her she was beautiful and brave cunning and strong she lived among with him for weeks she learned how to shoot arrows and fish . Soon they fell in love one day she followed him and saw him using magic he was a wizard . She made a noice and alerted him he was upset . why did you follow me I wanted to know the truth she answered . And he just smiled my real name is blaze .

Why are you hear she asked and he just said I ran off my mom abbandened me beacause I scared her . My dad almost killed me not many wizards can be trusted he looked upset and she tried to help him then they heard a wolf she screamed they ran deeper into the forest and dissapeared in to a tree it was night there were 6 wolves and one tring to kill the other wolves back off said charlotee and threw a rock . After the night passed she awoke to  a lady she was hurt . She was the forest fairy thank you she said  Blaze came out with a spear leave her alone he had said foolish mortal she answered away and he stayed

She attacked and he was on the floor . Charlotte was mad and upset no she shouted . You dont really love him do you ?  She asked she answered yes I do how do I save him and he said  stick this dagger through his heart but she prottesed no buts hes going to die do it and she did he was gone his eyes were closed and he looked pale She cried on him and a second later she said live live littlee one love live you know why . He came back and ...............

I   g2g  I"ll write more comment me and tell me whats the morral of the story what do you think ?

harboraqua harboraqua
13-15, F
Jul 14, 2010