Of Course I Do :)

Going through some old photos I found some pictures of my kids dresses as Superman, Batman, Ninja’s, a fairy princess, a miniature bride…
My children are so worldly and practical they’ve had to be, it seems. But, I want more for them. I want them to have wonder and magic in their lives. I love that we have a creative spirit in our family that we pretend to be superheroes and princesses, and that there are some things in life that we don't have to see or touch to know they are real.
You see, I still believe in fairy tales; though in modern guises, still beautiful, still meaningful, and still moving in our imaginations to make our life rich and deep.
But in times like these how do we keep magic and imagination in our children's lives?  And in our own lives?

I believe that to nurture creativity and imagination for our children, we begin with ourselves.
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FG- Did you say wand? Oh yes I need a wand ( a pink one ) and some pixie dust !! lol

Here's to waving the wand and making that happen girlfriend.

thanks zall1rog- I love reading fairytales unfortunately my two are getting older and its a little different . Just gotta think of more creative things I guess :)

Thanks so much Dee67 :) .I agree I don't want to become too serious about it. They laugh at me sometimes because I still want them to believe in the magic of Santa, the fun of the tooth fairy ..and of course the Easter bunny too :) <br />
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Des- OOOO Star Wars - too cool! I want a costume :) <br />
<br />
Bassy- I have been ninja kicked and have had every move on WWE made on me..I have no idea what this Halloween holds :) <br />
<br />
I will always believe !!

Really great story. Just that you are thinking about this is wonderful for your children. And that's an important insight you ended with -- it begins with ourselves. This is a deep topic -- and an important one. But one that doesn't need to be too 'serious' -- rather, it should have a playful quality, especially with regards to children. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, snowbunny -- they've gotten my attention.

Hell. I still like to dress up and pretend. My son was a Stormtrooper last Halloween. Ive got many pictures of him capturing me - lol

I too believe :)