I Believe Because of Him

Not only do I believe in fairy tales but I believe in happy endings. Why do I believe in these supposedly made up, mythical stories? Well I am making my happy ending with someone very special as I type this and I finally got my happy ending in this world that I have waited for so many years. 

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10 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Again I am not certain what you expect me to say to such comments.

Haha! of course... remember he is a trained killer. I would hate to see the two of you hash it out. he is built too. He actually knows I chat with you. I told him all about my friend Scott. Oh and we have to bend the rules for me to put you in that headlock for my pix lol.

Good rule!

LOL no touching allowed. He he!

uhhmm..oh hell I ain't touching that one..*LMAO*

LMBO.... He is a trained killing force so I would never put him in a head lock, at least not above the shoulders ((giggles))

*LOL* A magical bat..I am sure he won't kill you, most guys would rather not been seen running around with a magical wand *Smile*

It is more like a small baseball bat than a wand though. Hehe. he is going to kill me.

:) I don't have a wand but he does. LOL

Cheers to Happy endings! Wave that wand and make it happen. *Smiles*