But I Think It Is Rare

I guess its so rare that is what makes them all the more special.
Commitment, faith, hope all seem to be loosing their meanings in todays society. People do not value things as much as they seem to have done before.
The idea of finding a happily ever after makes me warm inside, but with the attitude and actions of people today it seems it will be hard to find someone who has the same insights on life as I do that I can share my happily every after with.
CalypsoChisisi CalypsoChisisi
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Happily ever after is different than the fairy tale concept. If you work hard, play hard, love, cry, and share your whole life completely with someone. That is happily ever after. It isn't easy at first, but becomes natural in time.

Yes I completely agree, nothing comes easy, gotta work towards that. I just think it is difficult to find someone that is willing to do the same.

Quit looking. Pray for what you want. Be specific in what you pray for. God is amazing and will provide for you every need. It worked for me after trying long and hard myself. Is my life perfect? No, but it is perfect for me. Good Luck!!!