What Really Matters.

I just dont get most of you young bucks out there. Going around sleeping with whoever as much as you want randomly because you think its fun. Being promiscuous men and women. ladies spreading their legs like melted peanut butter and you guys sticking your pole into any hole with no care of how the other person feels. Dont you feel hollow inside? Dont you feel a tinge of pain? Sex isnt something to play around with randomly. Sex/making love is something that should be shared between two people that stick with each other in a relationship. Its not a game people. You have any idea whats out there? If you want to go play the game GUESS MY STD OR HIV then your in the wrong. Promescuity is not something to be proud of. Im sorry but if your a girl at the age of 18 and youve slept with more men of what my age adds up too....that is too many. And your wondering who am I to judge. Ill tell you who I am. Im the man that spent 8 years with one woman faithful and loyal. Im the man that has a concious mind to treat women with respect. Im a man that has more passion than a flea of a person like you could ever understand. You young bucks dont have romance in your hearts. You dont have passion. You dont have true intimacy. You just think its fun to go around to whoever and do this. Try sticking with one person for as long as possible. See if that actually works better for you. And Im sorry but a woman whos had 20 to 30 guys in her before reaching 30....I dont want to know how loose she is and i dont want to find out. Be like throwing a hot dog down the hallway. I mean how could one be trusted if they are like that in a relationship in the first place? I have read stories in the group "I Am HIV Positive" of men and women at the young age of 18 and up. Saying they were promiscuous and wish they werent. People try to keep your legs closed and keep it in your pants. Youd ont want to catch something and you certainly dont want to be a young parent when your not ready do you? Fall in love. Be with one person for as long as possible. If it doesnt work out then find someone to love again as long as possible. Etc etc. Stop going around sleeping with everything that walks. Your only hurting yourselves and your hurting the person that you would actually be with in the end. But what am I saying its not like any of you are going to listen.
EarthBear2784 EarthBear2784
26-30, M
Jan 5, 2013