Found Mine

I've found my Prince Charming - even if he sometimes reminds me more of Shrek! But I don't even care! He loves and respects me, makes me laugh, doesn't mind if I go out on my own, still loves me whether I'm dressed up or slobbing about in my jeans and a T-shirt and even supports me with my theatre group work.
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7 Responses Dec 12, 2007

Can you really have all of that and good sex too? I'm feeling discouraged by my current situation. Starting to wonder if all those books, etc about true love wasn't just a lie or make believe.

Exactly ANEWME - he will turn up when she's not looking or expecting it :-D

I believe in Prince Charming also--my friend in Texas has "given up" on men--I tell her all the time-you will find your Prince Charming when she's least expecting it.

Elle, he's out there somewhere and you'll probably find him when you least expect it. *hug*

Thanks Deb! I never thought I'd find him but we spent hours talking the first night we met. Plus he actually called when he said he would.

I was just thinking of the movie when Shrek finds Fiona's old diary and it has Mrs Fiona Charming written all over it. He's my Prince Charming and that's all that matters.

Shrek? Thanks for making me smile ..You are great!