Knight In Shining Armor

I don't need a Knight In Shining Armor. In fact, I know who I'm most likely going to spend therest of my life with, and he is not comming here to get me anytime soon. I'm only in the ninth grade, but I can't wait to graduate, but not because of the same reasons so many other people want to. As soonas I graduate, I'm going to get in my car and drive off to Texas to find him. I know who it is, his name is Justin Miller and he lives in Texas. Read my other story, I Never Got To Say Goodbye to know the entire story. All I know is that I love him, despite our lond distance. I have almost no doubt that he's the one for me, but I am so not going to just sit and wait around for him to come to me. I'm rushing off to him as soon as I possibly can. Well, no, scratch that. I'm going to get him as soon as I graduate, so I won't have to feel pressured to come back as quickly. I might even want to save my virginity for him, even though I'm afraid that he won't do the same. I'm not even sure if he's going to be in Texas by the time I graduate. He could be going to Ohio State University, just across the state from where I am. I have no idea, he could even be in China, but I would search the whole world for him if I had to. I am not gonna wait around for him to show up in a silver outfit in a white sports car, I'm going to be the one showing up ina metallic outfit and shiny white mustang...convertable. :P

emfire911 emfire911
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2011