If I lost hope in finding my Prince Charming, I'd be a pathetic mess. You see, if I hope that I have a Prince Charming out there, I want to make myself better and make it so that I would be the best that I could be for him.
 Besides, who doesn't want a strong, smart, funny, chivalrous, kind, sweet, daring gentleman waiting on them?

My prince charming doesn't have to wear armor, live in a castle, and have mountains of gold and silver. He doesn't have to travel to far off courts and battle for his kingdom. He doesn't have to have trained for years, or die in battle, or prove himself to me through a series of rigorous tests.

All he has to do is protect me and our family. He simply has to laugh, support us, comfort me, put up with me, and share my sense of adventure.

Of course I believe in him.
MasterOfStudies MasterOfStudies
18-21, F
Dec 18, 2011