Cleopatras Barge

It was a magical moment. We lived in an apt. that had a large front porch. This weekend I was working and he was off. I was upset because I wasn't off until late so we couldn't go anywhere. As I drove in... there he was on the porch waiting for me. As I got up to him he handed me a boquet of roses. When we got inside he said I should take a shower and put on something comfortable. When I emerged he led me by the hand down to the porch. He had transformed it . There was a chase lounge and pillows all about. He had draped the railings with sheets. He seated me on the lounge and disappeared into the building. When he came back he had drinks in hand. He handed me my drink~then seated himself on a cushion at my feet. He made a toast to me "TO CLEOPATRA MY QUEEN ". He had made dinner and served it to me on silver platters. Really it was tin foil, but that night they were finest silver. We ate and talked until it got dark and chilly. Then we moved inside. It was a truly magical night. Sadly my Prince is dead now. The memory of that night still warms my heart. Thankyou my Prince. mini
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Sooo I'm choking back tears, since I know you Mini. Hang on to that memory Sweetheart. ( tears )
Mostof us only dream of that kind of night. I love you Min...