I Believe In The Easter Bunny

It was Easter Sunday. I had to work. He was off. While I was at work He decided to surprise me with a visit from THE EASTER BUNNY. He put on a pair of white slacks and a white shirt. He covered his shoes with white bags. His ears were cut from cardboard painted with white shoe polish and pink nail polish. He powdered his hair with baby powder and made a fluffy tail out of cotton balls and pinned it to his pants seat. He powdered his face and pinked his nose with lipstick. He drew whiskers on with eyebrow pencil. It was adorable. He took a basket and filled it with plastic grass and plastic eggs filled with candy.It had a big bow on top. As I drove up to the Apt. I could see the neighborhood kids in the vacent lot next to our building. They were having an Easter Egg Hunt. When he saw me drive up he hopped out holding his basket of goodies. He made it Almost to the car before the kids spotted this big ole EASTER BUNNY. It was hilarious. He got swarmed by about 8 to 10 little kids. They were jumping and hugging THE EASTER BUNNY. Thank GOD he had enough candy in the basket so everyone got something from THE EASTER BUNNY. Even though I didn't get any candy...it was the best Easter I had ever had. My Hunny Bunny did good. He always tried to make our days together Special. Though he is gone now~ the warm memories remain. Thank you, Easter Bunny. mini
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I still tear up when I read this Min.... ((((( Mini )))))

This is a sweet story mimie Ester was fun

I am happy to see you writing stories about your treasured memories Friend. I bet you miss him so.
So sorry... Oxo