Me joining this group is inaccurate

As I never had believed in real love.  I believe that romantic comedies were very much based on the premise to hold women into a trap in which they would lessen their chances and preoccupy themselves with searching for the mythical construct of 'the one', whilst then males would be enabled to move ahead in powerful jobs and roles (I used to be a feminist, believe it or not)

I believed you settled and you done with what you could.  That a relationship was a balancing of odds and opportunties - who could fit in with this, live here or do this etc.  And such decisions demanded thought.

Then I found real love.  Not the love that I had fancied myself having before only to find that the tears didn't come with the separation and that if i had truly been in love, it would not take me a grand 3 hours to pick myself up again.

A love that enwrapped me, that I knew would survive, and a love that for once was being actioned with me, no doubt, no despair, complete faith, no feeling of being insuperior, of wondering of motives, knowing that it was organic, that it was mine, that my home was discovered not as a place but within a person.


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3 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Awwwww, how sweet! Cherish's not everyone who finds it.

Once you let it go, it *needs to know* that you would like it to come back to you - if you would.<br />
<br />
Because it can't read minds.

I love that last paragraph a lot. it's beautiful and true. <br />
let your love grow and grow... :) <br />