Heartbroken Many Times

one time i texted my guy frend nd he gave me his frendz number nd me and his frend texted nd texted we ended up liking each other so one day around feb he asked me out nd I said no (I was stupid for sayin no) so he went out with anther girl nd I relized I did love him... But I had to forgot about him because he has a gf so I lasted about 2 months still loving him nd it hurt me wen I saw dem together nd wen he would put sweet things about them on facebook and myspace but then a couple months later I texted my guy frend nd we started flirting nd ended up going out it was da best time of my life... But den the guy who I had lost before wanted me back so I dumped the guy I was with nd went with him about a week later he left me because he wanted to be frendz but I think that was a lie because he went out with anther girl:( nd the person who never hurt me nd was da for me was my second bf nd now I miss him Sooo much nd I can't get him back I'm still hurt nd I know I will never love someone like I loved him nd how I still do :(
Smileyface69emo69 Smileyface69emo69
Nov 16, 2010