I Don't Want To Grow Up :)

I have my ways of being childish and i love being childish at times

I love to lay in bed and watch disney movies, i have a childish stuff in my studentroom.
I love to wrestle with my guy friends and i love pillowfights cos im strong :D I watch cartoons and i love playing games. Sometimes i close my eyes and pretend to have a different life and am on some adventure lol. I'm only serious when i have to be because i like to play around.

There is still a list of fun kiddy things i need to do more often. It's been a while since i been on a swing too :P
Shyone2 Shyone2
18-21, F
8 Responses Mar 21, 2012

Aaaw, uur so kutee. In a "basket full of puppies type of way lol (: buut yeaa.. I agree

Well there's nothing wrong with some fun even tough if act childish. Im 21 and I still love my childhood shows like Dr who and other mystery shows and the show I still love today is scooby doo.

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I am with you there i don't want to Grow up being grown up is no fun at all. Sure i get to go to parties and go any where i want and buy anything i want but who cares if you truly cant enjoy your self as you did in your youth. Being a child was my funnest years and me being an inventor i use to have an Outrageous imagination and created so much stuff back then. The only thing that sucked about child hood is that they made you go to school, witch is not so bad when knowledge is required to grow up, But even when you are grown it just really sucks being this age.

II enjoyed your little take on youth. You being a young lady, and myself who will soon be 80 and a male have many of the same memories of childhood. I can clearly recall events that happened over 70 years ago enjoying thinking of them and those that took part in them many who are now gone. I'm told that I do not look near my age, and it might just be the way that I look at life.

btw, my niece love watching the power puff girls with me... :)

Thats so awesome dude. nothing wrong there. I still love my video games and spend our watching japanese cartoons and sometimes sheep in the big city. I even know most of the dialogues in my favourite movies and this upsets my girlfriend. although now she does the same and laffs about it. Everyone is a child, society just forces us to grow up, doesn't mean we have to. as long as we remember to do the important grown up stuff then its fine. I guess thats why my daughter loves me more cos we spend hours playing.

see nothing wrong with that what so ever even traing wheels on bikes can be fun