I Guess So =]

Yah I get too childish sometimes lol xD sometimes I perform random acts without noticing it xD Once I was at my granmas house I was in her garden and watering the plants I hated the lemon tree because once one of the lemon drop on my head ARGH!! CURSE THE TREE I WAS SHAKING THE TREE SOO MUCH that the lemon's on the tree fall on my granmas head ...woops 0__0 aftet all got in trouble =P

Some people are childish and thats ok =] cos I know that my sister Joannaieeeeeee (Joanna =]) IS WAY MORE CHILDISH THEN ME AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

Shes silly -_-'' ROFL XD LIKE ME MUHAHAHAHAHA kk cya =]


LilMissInnocent LilMissInnocent
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1 Response Jul 13, 2008

Lol yeh childish..unfortunately oh well life moves on yeah?