Most of the Times - Yes!

I'll give you examples:

>Not being able to control laughter in social parties.

>Laughing out loud when a guest does something strange(ofcourse I have enough manners not to laugh on their face. I get up and run to my room to roll on my bed and finish my laughing!!)

>Being happy when my friends and I wear same color t-shirts by coincidence.

>Smiling at friends for no reason at all.

>Over eating till my stomach if full beyond limit.

>Not knowing what to do at times.

new=>> Using one particular pen through out the semester. And not letting anyone touch it! (As if everything I studied would transfer to their brains,childish and stupid I know! :) )

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I don't think that's childish per se... you just seem like a very happy person! Lol.

Ya. But we need to grow up for that! ;o) <br />
Difficult job!

My definition for childish: Anything you do that doesn't have a logical reason.