Trying To Forget Him , But It's Hard!

I was so in love with this guy in the uni. He was my first love, It was love at first sight, there was an energy between us, I could feel when he was around , I felt that he was looking at me , without seeing. We thought the same things. Our love was celestial and if there is a soul-mate I know he was my soul-mate. We had  the same ideas about everything, But I never let him get too close to me, I don't know why. And now I have to forget him, but it's so hard. What I find more difficult is looking for someone, while there's no one and no one else seems to even like you and you feel like you're gonna be alone forever. 

Zealoust Zealoust
22-25, F
3 Responses Nov 3, 2009

It does feel like everywhere you look, there is no one like you.

Why didn't you let him get close to you?

Aww hun i know what u mean!<br />
with me and my ex, i felt like he was my soul-mate to, we had love at first sight.<br />
Im having trouble moving on to, no guy compairs to him i feel as if i might be alone forever because i dont want to be with anyone else.<br />
just letting you know, i understand. i dont know exactly what your going through, because every situation is different.<br />
but i feel your pain, and if you ever want to talk im here :)