Still Care... Not Sure Why..

My ex and I were friends for years before our marriage.  We got married, blew it and we are now divorced.

I lost my friend, and my husband in our divorce and sometimes I miss him so bad I can't see straight.  He was a complete jerk to me after we were married, so to 'miss him' sounds insane...

I really loved him, but he proved to me that love really isn't all that it takes!

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4 Responses Jan 14, 2009

My girl friend cheated on me, we had a big fight when i confronted her, and it left me in intense emotional pain. Time has passed but I miss her so much I wish I could die. She does not want to talk or be in touch. I miss her as a friend. and its very sad not to be able to do the little things together.

I understand what you're going through but it could pass. My ex husband and I are now best friends again after a very rocky patch(my fault). If something is meant to be yours it will come back to you. I may have lost my first love but I have found my best friend again and feel so privileged to know him.

We live in the same small town and I see him all of the time. Its hard just to walk by someone that knows you as well as one can and not speak. :(<br />
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It really sucks.

My fiance left me after 4 years together. He became my very best I hardly talk to him. I miss my best friend to.