Old Adage

What can I say?  It seems to me that the saying:  "You never forget or lose feelings for your first true love".

I didn't believe it, but recently (after many, many years) we've made contact and have been keeping contact.  To my surprise; all of the same feelings & emotions came back.  It's amazing how after years of loving someone, you start letting them slip from your mind and your heart.  You think you're over them and go on with the rest of your life, new loves, new places and far away distances.  Then:  Whoa!  It kind of knocks you for a loop!!

silvermystics silvermystics
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1 Response Apr 28, 2007

I'm curious...<br />
You didn't mention if you were connected (littlejoesmom) means you at least have a kid.<br />
I must saya your story has piqued my interest but I'm left curious for more detail...<br />
basically - <br />
- are you involved<br />
- is he (I'm gonna assume yr the girl and yr interest is male)<br />
- any plans to move back to the start of the loop<br />
- and from there...