First Everythings

I still think of him fondly even after he ripped my heart out and spit on it the day he broke up with me. I can't be mad at him any more for ending our relationship. We were young. It was first everythings for both of us. Dating. Kissing. Sex. And I know we had a really great time together while it lasted but then I went to college. He had one more year of high school. And that started to put a strain on things.

I wish we would bump into each other while shopping or something. I would like to know how he is doing. It took me several years to forgive him for cheating on me and breaking my heart but looking back it was so painful yet it made me a stronger person at the same time.

You just can't forget your first love.

allyKat allyKat
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 9, 2007

i so understand how u felt. expect im that younger person and im still with the boy im in love with. i suspect him of cheating and i know one day he wil break my heart. bt its better to of loved and lost than of never loved at all. . . at least thats wat the saying is