When i color i am free. I have a whole drawer filled with crayons that nobody is aloud to touch! I get the poster size coloring books and just go crazy with them. Every holiday that i can receive presents on best believe coloring books are first on the list. People think of me as strange because i do this but the truth is trouble is a lonely source of fun so why not be productive with my time. Am i right or am i right?
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I guess it's quite theraputic and a bit like colour therapy....a form of escapism.

Sometimes the simplest of pleasures are the best!!!!!! Color on EP people!

I am so glad I have a granddaughter now as I can colour in to my hearts content without feeling guilty!<br />
Why did I feel guilty? Is it not art? After all its similar to painting - isn't it?

My wife loves to color, and has all kinds of patterns she bought from stores which she colors and enjoys greatly. She loves rainbows, she had for awhile a pastime of knitting yarns of many colors. I believe beautiful colors can be therapeutic and if something is fun and makes you happy, I say, why not? Some people love classical music, some love great literature. Who knows? You may just be an artist at heart. Do what you love, and it seems to me you can be happy. Enjoy!

I am in my 40's and I still color-in heaps cos i have a passion for all things colorful as my life is sooooooooooooooooo so bright and filled with such color which is a delight for me! Nothing wrong by adding extra color to ones life through coloring-in!

My 25 year old daughter has battled depression for a long time and recently discovered that coloring helps her. Coloring is art. There's nothing bad about it. Cher colors too. I used to play with dolls, even up to age 40. I'm 52 now and I may play with them again someday. It seems to be most appealing when my life isn't as pleasant. Now I'm fairly content with my real life. Playing dolls is a lovely way to escape and use your imagination. You get to be all different kinds of people (like acting). It's just a quiet way to express yourself.