Poor Lil Guy

I was crushed when I found out that Pluto was no longer cool enough to be considered a planet. Here we are, human kind, picking on the little guy- always picking on the underdog.

I understand why it scientifically wouldn't be considered a planet but that doesn't mean that you can just screw up the natural order of things. In school we were taught that it was the awkward tail end planet and now they are telling us it is a moon? Why couldn't we just leave poor Pluto to be deluded into thinking he was part of the big boys club?

I may be ignorant or in denial but this little ball of mass will forever be a planet in my books.
Linxer Linxer
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

LOL! Planet hugger. I love.

Maybe you should fly over there and give it a hug lol

I feel sorry for Pluto, blatantly telling him to his face he's not good enough, it's just not nice

A fellow admirer of the underdog planets! You know far more about the topic than I do but it seems that the anger is still present. Pluto is a planet gosh darn it!